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John Wayne mug for the 1963 movie McLintock, front.
John Wayne mug for the 1963 movie McLintock, back.

McLintock 1963

McLintock is somewhat of a mystery mug,  in that we have no idea who produced it.  This is the last one to be produced on the traditional heavy Wallace mug and while hand painted, it was not done by Bob Williams.  The Wallace china company went out of business around this time and Bob Williams mentioned how he had to scramble around to find enough to complete the Donovan’s Reef order, his last.  This also appears to be the last hand painted mug as the brush strokes so carefully made, disappear after this one.

Sold: Bonhams

November 29, 2016


United Artists, 1963. Ivory porcelain mug with a gold handle, bearing the title, “McLintock!” and an illustration of a longhorn weathervane wearing a cowboy hat on one side, and on the reverse, the inscription, “‘Ho, Macklin’ / Maureen / from / Duke.” The bottom of the mug is inscribed with the name of the maker, Wallace China.”

29 NOV 2016   Bonhams    6875  Maureen
10 JUL 2022   Ebay       5995* G.Luck
05 APR 2019   Ebay       2500  Bob
30 NOV 2016   Bonhams    2125  Logan
29 NOV 2020   Ebay       2000  Rickey
23 MAY 2019   RR Auct    1821  Bob
07 MAY 2008   Ebay       1564  Bob

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