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The War Wagon 1967

The War Wagon was the third mug made by the Mug Shop.  For this mug, the Mug Shop got away from the Victor blank mugs and went to a mug made by Burden China.  The walls are a hair thinner but this is still a very heavy mug and almost exactly the same size as the victor mugs.  It’s obvious that with the Victor and Burden mugs Duke was trying to get back to a heavy beige mug like the ones Bob Williams had used for many years.  John Wayne is holding a War Wagon mug in the image on our home page.  This one has some additional “hand” writing on the bottom “Oiney”.   This War Wagon mug is one of the “Good Luck” variety.   The personalized version is shown to the right.

Julien’s Auction

Dec, 2022



17 DEC 2022   Julien's     6400  Good Luck
01 SEP 2020   Pvt Sale     4500
09 MAY 2024   Ebay         4000  Frank
03 JUN 2019   Ebay         3550  Duke
21 JUL 2022   Ebay         3000  Good Luck
24 JLY 2012   Heritage     3000  Bob
27 JUN 2021   Ebay         2551  Good Luck

IMDB The War Wagon

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