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The Train Robbers 1973

The Train Robbers is the first mug that was made by Ketchum Originals, located at 1105 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, Calif.   It’s interesting that the first blank mug that Ketchum used is identical to the last mug the Mug Shop used.   We are not sure if there was a relationship between the Mug Shop and Ketchum Originals or if it was merely a coincident or they purposely matched the mugs for Duke.   In any event there is no doubt the same blanks were used.

Sold: Ebay

Jan 28, 2014


The real deal…This mug was made for a crew member expressly….Jerry Graham was a Prop master…He did other Wayne Features….John gave this mug to Jerry personally...

This is the most we've ever seen paid for this mug... the "record".   Average values are considerably less, usually less than half.

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