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Rio Lobo 1970

Rio Lobo 
is the ninth mug that was made by the Mug Shop, once again on the blank Burden China mugs.   This was the last mug made on the beige Burden China cup, after this one The Mug Shop switched to a different mug.   Many believe Rio Lobo was the second remake of Rio Bravo.  John Wayne enjoyed working with Howard Hawks and it’s pretty obvious that Eldorado, also directed by Howard Hawks, was the first remake of Rio Bravo, with both movies featuring a sheriff helped by two buddies.

Private Sale

Sep, 2020


This mug comes from the estate of Paul Grosso, a generator operator on the film.


01 SEP 2020   Pvt Sale    5800  Paul
09 MAY 2024   Ebay        3500  Paul
07 MAR 2019   Ebay        1650  Paul
05 MAR 2019   Ebay        1100  Mary

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