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Rooster Cogburn 1975

Rooster Cogburn is the fifth mug that was made by Ketchum Originals, located at 1105 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, Calif.   As you can see the back merely says “Duke”.  This is one of the rare mugs that John Wayne actually kept and used.    A reporter named Kathryn Sherry, once interviewed Duke at his home in Newport Beach Calif.  Like many who admired the mugs on shelves and the desk in his office, Duke gave her the one pictured above.  The mug pictured above and the one below are good examples of the variance in color, white/beige, that we see in the last nine mugs that were made for John Wayne.

Sold: Heritage Auctions

Oct 06, 2011


back has text reading “Tom / from / Duke,” bottom is stamped “Ketchum Originals / 1105 Long Beach Blvd. / Long Beach, Cal. 90813;” gifted by Wayne to Tom Roysden, but it was returned to sender for address unknown; still in original shipping box.

This is the most we've ever seen paid for this mug... the "record".   Average values are considerably less, usually less than half.

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