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In Harms Way 1965

In Harm’s Way is the second mug made by Hozan China in Yokohama(Japan). This mug is white, lighter and smaller(shorter) than the Wallace mugs used previously.   There is a lot of Hozan china out there with custom decorations made through the years.   A personalized version is shown to the right.

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Sep 8, 2023



“A white ceramic mug gifted to the cast and crew of the World War II drama In Harm’s Way (Paramount Pictures, 1965) by its star John Wayne.”

20 MAR 2024   Ebay      3000  Good Luck
08 SEP 2023   Julien's  2800  Michael
21 MAR 2020   Ebay      1499  Good Luck
22 SEP 2014   Ebay      1250  George
22 JUN 2015   Ebay      1225  Glenn

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