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The Cowboys 1972

The Cowboys is the eleventh and last mug that was made by the Mug Shop.  Once again made on the mug with the raised ridge under the handle and of unknown origin. This mug was given to Richard “Dick” Farnsworth.  Dick was one of those rare “real” cowboys who went on to be an actor and stuntman in the movie industry.

Sold: Heritage Auction

Sep 19, 2015


“…back reads “Tim / from / Duke” [Tim Zinnemann, Associate Producer of film as well as son of noted film director, Fred Zinnemann],… consigned directly by Tim Zinnemann who received it as a gift directly from Wayne. (Please note that some of the paint is worn from the handle.)

This is the most we've ever seen paid for this mug... the "record".   Average values are considerably less, usually less than half.

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