John Wayne mug for Flying Leathernecks
John Wayne mug for The Quiet Man
John Wayne mug for Big Jim McLain
John Wayne mug for Trouble Along the Way
John Wayne mug for Island in the Sky
John Wayne  mug for Hondo
John Wayne mug for The High and Mightyjohn wayne mug for mclintock

john wayne mug for circus world

Volume 26 of the JOHN WAYNE Official Collector’s Edition

The Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition, featured the mugs John Wayne gave to his friends in their “Parting Gifts” article in Volume 26.   If you’ve never seen one of the John Wayne Official Collectors Editions, they are really something special.  The beautiful images and fascinating stories once again bring to life the legend of John Wayne.   If you’re a Duke fan and have never seen this series of tributes to him we encourage you to check it out…

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JOHN WAYNE WAS never shy when it came to showing his gratitude, and the actor was especially appreciative of the people who made his pictures possible. Beginning with 1951’s Flying Leathernecks, Duke started giving thanks to the casts and crews of his films by gifting each member with a custom, gold-handled ceramic mg at the end of production.  With the help of local artists, who often worked off sketches drawn by Duke himself, the legend made sure each mug captured the essence of that film and served as a unique souvenir from the shared experience.
The icon would often request the movie’s mug feature a memorable line from the film, such as Ethan Edwards’s “That’ll be the day!” from The Searchers (1956), or Fread Wead claiming “I’m gonna move that toe!” in The Wings of Eagles (1957).
The artwork John Wayne chose for
the mugs either depicted a scene from the film, such as Tom Doniphon’s house on fire for The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), or something more sentimental, such as John Ford featured front and center on the mug for Donovan’s Reef (1963), the final film Duke made with his mentor.
Once a meaningful memento exchanged between coworkers, the mugs have since become highly sought-after collector’s items, selling at auctions for as high as $13,000.









The 40th Edition of the Official John Wayne Collector’s Edition features a mug from  Here’s the page!