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John Wayne mug for the 1961 movie The Comancheros, front.
John Wayne mug for the 1961 movie The Comancheros, back

The Comancheros 1961

The Comancheros is the nineteenth mug Bob Williams did.

It is the first mug at our site from the collection of Academy Award winning actor Lee Marvin.  Lee Marvin costarred with John Wayne in three movies.  His mugs were included at the Lee Marvin Julia/Morphy auction in August of 2010.  His wife Pamela Marvin offered the mugs.   The mugs were auctioned as a set and they brought over $8,000.00 including auction fees.   The set included The Comancheros, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Donovan’s Reef.  Bob Williams created a beautiful landscape western scene with two cowboys on their horses.  He used the traditional heavy Wallace beigh mugs.

Sold: Ebay

Aug 18, 2014


“…to Robert Priestly for his work as set director on the Comancheros.  Priestly had previously won two Oscars for art direction on Sayonara(1957) and Picnic(1955).“

This is the most we've ever seen paid for this mug... the "record".   Average values are considerably less, usually less than half.

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