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John Wayne mug for the 1955 movie Blood Alley, front.
John Wayne mug for the 1955 movie Blood Alley, back.

Blood Alley 1955

Blood Alley is the ninth mug Bob Williams made for John Wayne.   The Blood Alley mug was produced on the heavy beige Wallace mug .  It has the Bob Williams 222 Occidental stamp.  Bob Williams was such a talented artist. Please Note how he created his own Asian/English font for the recipients names. This was another example of his creative eye for detail, very cool. Interestingly you can see from the list of sales at the bottom right side of the page, there have been more of these bought and sold than the vast majority of the John Wayne mugs.   Like so much about this unique collectible of Duke and the Motion Picture history we only speculate if there were more of these made and therefore more available to collectors.

Sold Ebay

Apr 27, 2022



27 APR 2022  Ebay      3400* Nate
03 OCT 2022  Ebay      3000  Helen
11 NOV 2014  Ebay      1725  Vic
23 AUG 2014  Heritage  1625  John
19 JUN 2018  Ebay      1500  Wei
09 JUL 2018  Ebay      1025  Paul
29 APR 2019  Ebay      1005  Helen
29 JUN 2009  Ebay       850  Ralph
13 AUG 2019  Ebay       695  Nate

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IMDB Blood Alley

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